Earn interest on your staked ADA

Learn how to stake Cardano with Valhalla pool

  • 1. Install Deadalus
    You can download Deadealus wallet from its offical website https://daedaluswallet.io Alternatively you can install Yoroi extension from Google Chrome Web Store
  • 2. Add wallet
    Create or restore existing wallet in Deadelus (or Yoroi). For extra protection you can secure it with the password. Wait for the wallet to sync the blockchain. Then send your ADA to one of the addresses displayed in the wallet.
  • 3. Delegate funds
    Open Delegation Centre in Deadalus and click on Stake Pools tab. Search for the Valhalla pool using its ticker VLHLA or full name. Select pool and click "Delegate to this pool" button.
  • 4. Done!
    Your ADA will be delegated to the pool after 2 epochs (1 epoch is 5 days). Your ADA never leaves your wallet and isn't 'locked'. You can transfer it anytime you want to another wallet or exchange. For extra info and official guide please visit IOHK website here

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